MISURE: 157, 161, 165, 169 CM
Trova la tavola tra i rivenditori più vicini


Have you ever dreamed of being SuperMacho? Have you pondered carefully, “Do I have what it takes?”
Well let me tell you friend, male perfection is elusive but available to us all are the tools of the trade. Transformation begins bright and early in your newly acquired waterbed. All Macho Men have waterbeds. They also have all sorts of empowering objects from the past that are still cool as hell.
You’re gonna need the essentials: a blow dryer for your mullet, a comb for your ‘stache, a Canadian tuxedo (acid washed denim with no undershirt of course), snake skin cowboy boots, and the cherry on top – Oakley Blades.
Now you’re ready to drop kick the front door, jump in the Nova, and burn maximum rubber from hell. You can take over the world, spread rock n’ roll fever, and turn people to stone with a look in your eyes crazier than a basket full of baby snakes!!!  That, my brothers is SuperMacho – and so is this: our first dedicated wide series of snowboards for the big, the bad and the ugly. These bad boys are for the big men that ride hard, but are so versatile, they even work for handsome regular-sized dudes with big feet.
Maximum party guaranteed, air guitar not included. #supermacho
Can you imagine what would happen if The Black Snowboard of Death and the NAS made a baby? It would be progressive and badass and basically born to rule the world. It would definitely be Macho. The SUPERMACHO integrates attributes of these two award winning series into our first ever dedicated wide series. Built for the big man that rides in a big way, these decks have the progressive sidecut inspired by the NAS and the Mountain FK camber theory from The Black Snowboard of Death. The net result is a powerful board that carves hard, floats in powder, and is ready to manhandle any terrain.




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