Jess Kimura Pro

MISURE: 138, 142, 146 CM
Trova la tavola tra i rivenditori più vicini


Jess Kimura is one of the most successful professional snowboarders in history. She has won about every accolade that is awarded in her video-part based realm of the sport, including Rider of The Year, Video Part of the Year, Reader’s Choice Award and more. Oh, and not just once either. Year after year, she brings full dedication to her craft, inspired and full of gas.
We found it fitting that the artist for her signature model boards happens to be another snowboarding great. Peter Line is also one of the most successful and progressive professional snowboarders in history. A master boarder, a gifted artist and a wizard with words, here are his liner notes behind the new Jess Kimura Pro graphic:
“No one should mess with party cat, not even galactic battle kittens.”
“All party cat wants to do is dance, play with his YoYo® and be cool. Everyone loves cats* and that includes Jess, but Jess likes her cats in space.**”
“These graphics and this board will make anyone who rides it a far better snowboarder than all their friends.***”
* Not true. Not everyone loves cats.
** Don’t put a cat in space, it will die.
*** This is 100% true.
For 2015, we’ve redesigned the Jess Kimura Pro with a Canadian Maple Dual Core™, enhanced Dynaweave fiberglass, and added a new 138 size. The shaping theories and construction reflect the durability and maneuverability required for her passion and your progression. One of the most decorated snowboarders of this decade, Jess Kimura has swept the Transworld Snowboarding Rider’s Poll Awards multiple times. Did you see her part in Defenders of Awesome 2? She definitely knows how to STAY BAD ASS. Jess has made her mark not only on women’s snowboarding, but on snowboarding itself. Her fan base crosses genders and is comprised of riders from all spectrums of the sport who appreciate her approach.




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