C. Slasher

MISURE: 154, 158, 161, 164 CM
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For decades now, kids and adults alike have enjoyed the sheer enjoyment that comes from jumping on a trampoline, but it turns out the fun factor isn't just limited to humans.
Dogs and cats like to jump on trampolines, but you knew that right? Our furry little best friends like to do what we do. What about non-domesticated animals? The wild kind? It turns out that they love trampolines too. They can’t really figure out how to bounce, but boy do they love to just sit and roll around. You gotta think it must be more comfy than sleeping on the dirt. Black bears are always found in the neighborhood trampoline. Sounds like bear bliss.  Kick over a couple garbage cans and hit the neighbors tramp with a belly full of left-overs. Burp. I bet it feels like a waterbed after a box of pizza and some legal weed. Did you know that weed is totally legal in Washington and Colorado?  Of course you did. There are a lot of snowboarders in Washington and Colorado. Is Denver the new Amsterdam? What does this have to do with Charlie Slasher? Good question. We’re not sure. Did you know Elk are very curious creatures?  It’s true. I bet Elk would be very curious about what all the other animals are doing in the neighborhood trampoline. I bet Charlie is only curious about Washington and Colorado.
Antler-camo isn’t the only thing next level about the new Charlie Slasher. This cult favorite has been upgraded with Dynaweave fiberglass and a new Dual Species core for 2015. Charlie Slasher has a 20mm tapered tail that sinks in deep snow, causing the rockered nose to naturally float and transforms tiring powder days into long-lasting, incredible ones.
Do you want to run Charlie as a split-board? Now you can with the all new Touring Core featuring a split-ready ABS sidewall down the centerline. This allows you to split your board for the ascent and still have full ABS sidewalls on the newly exposed sides, eliminating potential water damage and maintaining your board’s structural integrity.




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